March 5

Antonio de Ulloa arrives in New Orleans to serve as the first Spanish governor of West Louisiana. The French colonists refused to recognize Spanish rule, and de Ulloa was expelled from Louisiana by a Creole uprising in 1768.

1770 The Townshend Acts are repealed with the exception of the tax on tea.

1770 The Boston Massacre. It was so dubbed this by Samuel Adams. To keep order British Troops had been stationed in many colonial cities, including Boston. On the cold snowy day a group of Patriots had a confrontation with British troops. Private Hugh Montgomery was struck down onto the ground by a thrown club. He fired his musket into the air and — as he later admitted to one of his defense attorneys — yelled “Fire!” All but one of the other soldiers shot their weapons into the crowd. In total five Americans were killed. To keep piece the royal authority removed the troops from the center of town.

1778 Thomas Augustine Arne dies. He was an English composer, best known for the popular patriotic song, “Rule Britannia”.

1778 Pennsylvania ratifies the Articles of Confederation.

1782 Parliament empowers the king to negotiate peace with the United States.

For a Spiral Bound book with information on events that happened on each day of the year during the American Revolutionary Period click: American Revolutionary Period: 1760-1789

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