January 10

Cossack leader Yemelyan Pugachev, who led a rebellion against Catherine the Great of Russia, believing he was the rightful heir to the throne dies at a public execution.

1776 The pamphlet Common Sense is published. It is published anonymously and was thought that it may have been authored by Benjamin Franklin. While Franklin may have been consulted as an editor, the author is Thomas Paine.

1777 British Actor and Irish theatre director Spranger Barry dies.

1781 The Department of Foreign Affairs is created and tasked with obtaining useful information relative to foreign affairs by the Continental Congress. The head of the Department was empowered to correspond with all other persons from whom they may expect to receive useful information.

Celebrated Birth:
Thomas Mifflin (b. 1744 – January 20, 1800) New Jersey member of Continental Congress, President of the United States in Congress Assembled under the Articles of Confederation, member of the Constitutional Convention, signed the United States Constitution.

Michel Ney, Prince de la Moskowa, Duke of Elchingen (b. 1769 – December 7, 1815) marshal of the French army who fought in the French Revolutionary War and the Napoleonic Wars.

For a Spiral Bound book with information on events that happened on each day of the year during the American Revolutionary Period goto: American Revolutionary Period: 1760-1789

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