December 29

Great Britain’s Parliament adopted the American Prohibitory Act. This act was designed to strike at the economic viability of the errant colonies. The law first stated its rationale for action, noting the following:
* the colonies were staging a rebellion against the authority of king and Parliament.
* they had raised an army and engaged his majesty’s soldiers.
* they had illegally taken over the powers of government.
* they had stopped trade with the mother country.
Given those circumstances, Parliament felt compelled to prohibit all British trade with the American colonies. American ships and cargoes are to be treated as if they belonged to an enemy power and were subject to seizure; if adjudged a lawful prize by an admiralty court, the ships and cargoes are to be sold and the proceeds distributed among the capturing ship’s officers and crew.

1778 The city of Savannah Georgia is captured and comes under British and Loyalist control.

For a Spiral Bound book with information on events that happened on each day of the year during the American Revolutionary Period goto: American Revolutionary Period: 1760-1789

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