December 26

Ships loaded with tea are not allowed to unload in Philadelphia Pennsylvania and are forced to leave the port.

1776 General George Washington leads a surprise attacks on the British at Trenton. Washington had hoped to make the attack under the cover of darkness, but weather conditions caused a six hour trip across the Delaware River. The surprise victory at Trenton was important to the American cause for several reasons:
* For the first time, Washington’s forces had defeated a regular army in the field.
* Washington’s command was solidified. A growing number of delegates to Congress had come to doubt his abilities, but those critics were quieted when news of the victory arrived in Baltimore where Congress was in session.
* The victory sharply increased morale. New enlistments were stimulated and many of the current soldiers reenlisted.

1779 While the American Army under General George Washington winters in Morristown, New Jersey, British Commander-in-chief general Henry Clinton leaves New York with full fleet and 8000 men with a plan to capture the southern port city of Charleston, South Carolina.

Celebrated Birth:
Thomas Nelson Jr. (b. 1738 – January 4, 1789) member of Virginia House of Burgesses, member of Continental Congress, signed the Declaration of Independence, Civil Governor and Commander-in-chief of Virginia Militia.

For a Spiral Bound book with information on events that happened on each day of the year during the American Revolutionary Period goto: American Revolutionary Period: 1760-1789

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