August 26

As the Continental Army reaches Wilmington, General Washington has the British movements outside of Elkton, Maryland watched from Iron Hill near Newark, Delaware.

1778 The first ascent of Triglav, the highest mountain of Slovenia, by Luka Korošec, Matija Kos, Štefan Rozic and Lovrenc Willomitzer on Sigismund Zois’s initiative.

Celebrated Birth:
Antoine-Laurent de Lavoisier (b. 1743 – May 8 1794) French chemist. He stated the first version of the Law of Conservation of Matter, named oxygen (1778), disproved the phlogiston theory, helped to reform chemical nomenclature and is often referred to as the father of modern chemistry.

For a Spiral Bound book with information on events that happened on each day of the year during the American Revolutionary Period goto: American Revolutionary Period: 1760-1789

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